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Bearded Dragons and Leopard Geckos
Bearded Dragon Test

Here you can test yourself to see if you are ready to purchase and be responsible for the life of a bearded dragon.

This test has a few questions covering the basic care of a bearded dragon. These are things you should know before buying a beardie! You should be able to get at least 90% on this test.

1. What is the minimum sized cage for a baby bearded dragon? A)55 gallons B)30 gallons C)100 gallons D)10 gallons

2. How can you tell what size prey is appropiate for your bearded dragon?

3. What kind of lighting should be used to light a bearded dragon cage?

4. What should consist of 80% of a baby bearded dragons diet?

5. What is the maximum number of babies that can be housed together?

6. What are the appropiate temperatures for a bearded dragon?

7. Should waxworms and pinkie mice be a main part of a beardies diet?

8. What is the best way to heat a bearded dragon enclosure?

9. How much floor space should an adult bearded dragon have?

10. Is it a good idea to decorate a bearded dragons cage with cedar or pine?

11. What are some good substrates for bearded dragons?

12. Is iceburg lettuce a good part of a bearded dragons diet?

Answers on another page!